Pineapples and Palms Nursery Inspiration

Pineapples and Palms nursery inspiration

I'm taking the pineapple and palm trends to the nursery, people! Babies want to be chic too, you know. :)

1. Basket Lamp 2. Plush Taxidermy from Kelsey Davis Design 3. Palm Print from InkSpot Workshop 4. Pineapple Print from Olive Twig Studio 5. You're Actually Wonderful banner 6. Pineapple Lamp 7. Caravan Crib 8. Light Jute rug 9. Mint Rocking Chair 10. Pineapple Crib sheet from Pappiyon

Basically this mood board encompasses everything I'm currently loving: coral and mint with a hint of natural jute. I think that pineapple lamp from Urban is WAY awesome, and that crib... so freaking amazing. My husband was watching me put this together and even he said, "Whoa. That crib." (And we don't even have babies/nurseries yet!)

Pineapples and Palms nursery inspiration

I've been wanting to make a palm inspired piece for awhile now, and I'm so glad I did! It's in the shop if you want to snag it before it's gone.. I only have a limited amount of palm fabric, so I'll only be making these tropical cuties in the summertime! :)